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Following the original Hereford and Shorthorn cross commercial cattle raised by the Malm family, a purebred Hereford herd was begun in 1950 followed by the addition of purebred Angus, Red Angus, Salers, Gelbvieh, South Devon and Braunvieh herds in the 1980’s and 1990’s. These purebred herds were used to develop the present-day “Best of All Worlds” breed we call Carcass Masters—three different, four-breed purebred composites produced from the purebred breeds from our nucleus herds through the use of AI and embryo transplant genetics from the breed-leading sires and dams of each of these respective breeds.  We formulated Carcass Masters to address the paramount need of the beef industry to produce high quality, consistent beef for our beef-eating consumers from a highly maternal, performance oriented, trouble-free, beef animal.  To produce Carcass Masters we have been gathering carcass data on all the breeds we produce for the past 30 years and have incorporated the genetics of only those bulls that sire exceptional quality and yield grade carcasses.  Since both quality grade and yield grade are highly heritable qualities, we have seen the progeny of several of our sires now approaching our goal of 100% Choice and Prime, Yield Grade 1 and 2 carcasses (a utopia unheard of in the old line purebred breeds).  Add to this “carcass superiority” the 75% to 90% retained heterosis obtained by breeding four to six-breed composites as a purebred breed and you do have the “Best of All Worlds” without the nightmare of managing a viable “rotational crossbreeding” system (involving at least three separate breeds of bulls and six or more breeding pastures).

All sires' progeny are tested through Great Western Beef Expo, Coleman Natural Beef or the Decatur County Feedlot testing program.

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