Ranch History

The present day Malm Ranch Company had a very humble beginning in the late 1870's. A.P. Malm, a Swedish immigrant, homesteaded the quarter section where the Malm Ranch headquarters is still located and his father homesteaded the quarter section bordering on the west. Since they moved into an area only inhabited by buffalo, there were no trees, natural protection, or live water on their homesteads. They sledded logs cut from pine trees in canyons approximately 10 miles to the north to the present site with a team of horses and later hand dug a well approximately 165 feet deep. It seems that ranching is tough these days but actually it is unbelievably easy compared to that of the early homesteaders. 

Malm Ranch is now operated by the fourth, fifth and sixth generations of the original Malm family. In the early years, it was known by the name of Pioneer Stock Farm and was known for its Belgian and Percheon horses that provided the horsepower for farmers in the Greeley, CO, area that have since been replaced by tractors. During the same period, the Malm name was recognized for its high quality Hereford and Shorthorn cross commercial cattle.

Recently, Malm Ranch added an aquaculture operation known as Malm Trout Ranch where genetically superior rainbow trout are raised for the stocking of lakes, ponds and creeks for recreational fishing. 

Gordon & Fanny Malm
Howard & Dixie Malm, Timothy, Bethany, Cassady, & Jessica
Andy & Stacy Malm, Katelin, Karissa & Kaden
Martha Malm Ellis

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